Just a few months ago...
Come explore the newest craze in alternative lunch meals, it's the herman is not dead.com "snack-pack". Call it an experiment in packaging and labeling, I call it fun. (you can call it unusual).

There is a "slight" new appendix to the box section. An added page features an exciting experience where the box made its way out my front door into public view for the first time. Go check it out for silly photos. Maybe you can be next... !

Updates to the songs to kill yourself to and great love songs sections. Nothing but sad and desperate fun, see the track listings and artwork on each of them... !

As for the rest of it, you know what's here.

Battered & Bruised, Beat Up & Broken
(request link for online journal and comment on entries).

More than one way to skin a chicken
(new sketch added every month where you use your wits and write a creative and silly caption for the picture).

... and there's always the herman is not dead cult (guestbook), if you just want to say "hello".

Thank you all for your visits and supports.


don't be shy, come say hello...

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