Last Words...

After 3 years of being online, it pains me to announce that the herman is not site will no longer produce any monthly updates.

That is of course... not "entirely" true, the
More than one way to skin a chicken and Battered & Bruised, Beat Up & Broken will continue updating on whichever basis they were already operating, but what's going to end is a lot of senseless rambling going on in this section as well as some of the quick notes posted on the main page. It just seems no one seems to pay attention to them and lately they have been more trouble than what they're worth.

My true aim is to have more free time to produce more art I can showcase throughout this site as well as go back to making some fun animated flash movies and even the possibility of re-vamping the site to keep it fresh and new and avoid it going completely stale.

How many of you skip the intro flash movie and either bookmarked or go straight to the main page... ? See. I wish I had something new there for people to look out for, something to keep them on their toes and WANT to come back hoping to find more surprises.

As for surprises, there may be some new images here and there replacing a few old ones, such as the one you see here to the left, but also to the 4 images on the top left of the main page that have been rotating back and forth on the reload everytime you check out the site. I just REALLY want to renew, clean things up, organize and have new stuff.

With that said, you have a choice if you want to be informed about news, updates, revisions, etc. going on with me and this site by signing up for an email newsletter. No need to worry, I'm not obnoxious with them and would only send out an average of 2 or 3 times a year. Feel free to opt in or out at any time.

Notify me about any updates... !

The herman is not dead cult (guestbook) has proven to show me some nice support from all you folks. I hope I can bring you back for more fun.


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