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  Maybe I was asking for trouble when I dubbed this guestbook a "cult of followers". For those of you who got the joke, who enjoyed the site, who do enter the worthwhile comment that I do enjoy reading and feel that there is purpose to what I'm doing with this site, thank you.

Just as my giveaway raffle on this site was ruined by "online sweepers", there are those who ruined this guestbook entry for me. Granted that you leave an open forum for people to enter their thoughts, you don't always get the sharpest pencils in the box.

Yes there is always a certain level of immaturity in all of us, to just kid around and be silly and funny, but some of these people are nothing but ignorant juveniles. Those particular entries are statements of homophobia, racism and hate. It's sad how they believe they are actually superior to those they put down. I despise that in people and am tired of seeing it in this guestbook.

It's true that this site has been stagnant for quite some while, it doesn't mean that it has been forgotten. I do check the guestbook entries on a pretty regular basis and as openminded as I am and a believer of free speech, I've never edited or deleted anyone's entry for whatever reason. The time has come where I've grown tired of reading trash talk in my guestbook from spammer kids who have nothing better to do that make an entry and try to prove to everyone how cool they are. They all think they're so original and "alternative" and unique yet they're all the same. Keep your trash talk in your bedroom with your boyfriend/girlfriends or your parents, kiddies... I don't care for it here. It was one thing to amuse myself and others with the unusual entries that were being posted here but I refuse to subject other viewers to entries that are venom and poison to others.

As for the "cult" and the countless clueless entries and emails that I've received, it doesn't exist and there is no "joining", I shouldn't have to state that here, you should have been smart enough to figure that out. You don't have to take everything so literally.

To the worthwhile fans who will probably wind up reading this and do care about this site and the artwork on it that they might find amusing and enjoy, I do apologize for coming across as an old geezer who won't take any crap anymore and has just lost his marbles, but the truth is I just don't care anymore. You can't be nice to everyone and hope they like you. Some people are obviously not worth it. I do hope those of you who are interested do happen to come back again and believe me when I say that there is a new re-vamping in mind with new artwork and updates and the whole lot, it's just a matter of time. No lie, this site will be updated soon and have plenty of cool stuff once again.

Now for those of you disgruntled or hurt that I attacked your intelligence and your precious ego of how much better you are than all the rest of us, go hunt down my email and vent... otherwise f*ck off.

have a nice day... !


© 2003 g.hernandez
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