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Battered & Bruised, Beat up & Broken...

For the time being, this section is only available by requesting the password or link for viewing. Reasoning is, I'd like to keep some of my life private, and that's pretty much meant for family and close friends. Not that I have anything to hide or whatever, but... it's best when people close to you don't know every detail about your life. There are some things that are private, sacred and especially your own.

Why would I offer a journal like this online for public viewing... ?
Well... I don't feel I have the necessary freedom at home to draw or write exactly what's going through my head all the time, or I'd be hassled with questions everyday about what's wrong, so... hence... an online journal.

So... if you're interested, feel free to email me and request the link, and as long as I can tell that you're not related to me, I'll tell you how to get there...

come pet my sad alligator... ?

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