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Welcome to herman is not dead.com, ... an online art/illustration portfolio and a whole lot of endless babble.

Please keep in mind that this page is set up as an image site, therefore...having images off on your browser will not help you. Please leave. This site is best viewed in person, with the actual artwork in front of you, otherwise, use a large screen monitor, and a current version of IE, (trust me).
For everyone who got here, enjoy your stay, and I hope it's a pleasant and disturbing experience. Feel free to send me e-mail about suggestions, criticisms, hate mail, death threats or lawsuits. If you think I'm full of myself, tell me. On the other hand, if you do enjoy this site, please send job offers, phone #'s, vital statistics and a current photo.


I will never say the word
"procrastinate" again;
I'll never see myself in the mirror
with my eyes closed.
- they might be giants

This month marks 3 years since this site has come to life but it also means the end of the monthly updates.

Though I'd like you to believe that, the 2 sections which will remain on updates will be More than one way to skin a chicken and Battered & Bruised, Beat up & Broken. Just don't expect to be reading any "news" here or current info on what's going on month by month. The updates are ending in an effort to develop, create, design and produce more artwork and keep this site fresh.

For the past 2 months a "test" section was posted labeled Submit your fan-pic here... in hopes that true fans might show some support with a pic and a hidden bonus prize of the "great love songs" 4cd set was offered. Sadly, no one went for it, not a single entry though I do still vouch for the app. 200 hits every month from visitors. Thanks for the attention.

The "herman is not dead" cult is always live and I thank everyone who's ever signed in and showed their support, (even if many are just lost and want to join a supposed "cult")

For the latest of what "was" going on, check out the current news.

New Sections... ?!

That's right... ! not artwork, really, but... creative and interesting stuff you might want to check out nonetheless...

 More than one way to skin a chicken...
  - an engaging "write your own caption" to the drawing of the month. prove to everyone just how clever you are, a fun way to get your creativity and wit noticed. New drawing every month... !
 Personalized cd's
  - just like mix tapes, these were mix cd's, made for specific moments or people. only a few but... still nice work. check them out before there's more... !
 herman is not dead.com snack-pack
  - NEW ! an experiment in packaging and labeling or picnic lunch gone wrong... ? come check out the new lunchable that should make it's way to your dinner table soon... !
 Animated Gifs
  - check out the "small" gallery of animated gifs I've made. they're twisted, silly and in some cases, unnoticed.
 Carpe Vaginam
  - (immature subject matter), you know what I mean... not sure how to explain this one, but if you can't figure it out by the section title, .... maybe you should just come on in... ! meow... ! 
 The Machine
  -messages left on my answering machine. stop in and check out a few, and try the possibility of leaving your own message, too... ! (leaving messages is still under production)...
 Endless Babble
  -a quick note on what could be a great online community for writers and artists submitting work to be published online. don't you want your talent admired by others... ? any takers... ?
 Battered & Bruised, Beat up & Broken
  -am I really my own worst enemy, or... is everyone honestly out to get me... ? answers to these questions and more in an online journal, an insight into the daily routine, thoughts, reflections and momentary memory loss. add your comments. Plenty of entries to comment on... !
 Did anyone say... silkscreening... ?
  -for a good while, a few people have been sending me email for some of the basic requirements to start silkscreening on their own. Well, I'm including here the instruction booklet I was using when I started printing my stuff.
 Banners... ?
-Because word of mouth and search engines aren't always enough, how about some banners... ? read for more details, or also check the worthy "links" section.
 Join a Cult... !
  -not only a cult, but actually the herman is not dead guestbook. sign in now and be proud to be the first on your block to frighten grandma. join the ranks of others who have already signed... !
 Email... ! 
  -For a more personal email message, just click on the envelope and every thought and opinion that you have to say will get to me,...and I'll be hanging on every word. I swear I will. So go on...do it, I know you're just dying to...
 Site Map
  -Having a hard time finding your way around... ? This graphics-free site map is sure to help you navigate your way around with no fuss or filler.
 Submit your fan-pic here... !

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