shaped like something that could contain your aunt sarah's ashes or even a qt. size portion of moo-goo gai pan, it's the herman is not snack-pack™.

straight out of the graveyard and onto your dinner table, herman brings you the finest in mechanically separated chicken, tuna fish from the deep waters of the ocean AND delicious tasting fungus... ! don't expect to find this snack-pack on your supermarket shelf, boys and girls...!

in all truth, this was actually an experiment in packaging and labeling. I've seen so many help wanted ads in the paper for graphic designers with "packaging" experience, yet locally, I'm not sure there's anywhere near me I can learn such a thing, unless I enroll into some big course in nyc or something which I'm not sure I have the money to do at this point.

I think you always toy with the idea of phoney products and such, as a matter of fact, a friend of mine had told me how someone gave her some sort of chicken broth from some spanish food company, and the translation for the taste of it was actually "cock flavor". isn't that hilarious... ?

ANYways... it started out with the idea for one product, which was the "carpe vaginam tuna fish". I just couldn't resist it, I'm sorry. then, after remembering someone told me some of the skulls I draw resemble mushrooms, I just had to put one of those together as well. and to finish everything off, my perverse mind got the best of me and I had to do a can of vienna sausages to complete the set.

Starting out with "carpe vaginam" chunky white tuna, not a single detail was missed from the original label I copied. no matter what I do with this logo and this pink kitty I just absolutely LOVE, something about the colors that just make it edible and lickable, (and I'm not saying that just because of what it stands for)...

© 2002 g.hernandez