You ever find yourself making mix tapes for people... ? or... cds for that matter... ?

Aside from the "songs to kill yourself to" and "great love songs" volumes, I did happen to make 3 more, (for the moment), personalized cds for people. They are, (in order), "Sleepless in Toms River", "it's still rock 'n roll to me..." and "swallowed".

Hey... for what these were, they were all fun to do, and... for the people they were for, I'm sure they got a kick out of them. Yeah, they did take time and... in some cases could've been sort of a pain in the ass, between planning, looking up songs, picking some music you thought would catch the person's interests or that they would like already, and then going through all the sketches and drawings and computer design work to get it done. Don't get me wrong, that's not to say I wouldn't do more of these, like I said, they were fun to do, and... well, I hope for the opportunity to keep making some more in the future.

As for all these mixes, I didn't only do cd versions of, but also cassettes to match, and those being of unequal lengths, so... they'd have *bonus tracks that weren't available on the cd, so... you can imagine just how much cooler it was, especially to have like... the matching set.

© 2002 g.hernandez