Sleepless in Toms River

So... tell me...

If you received this cd after a 2nd date, would you... run away... or would it attract you more... ? (I think this question is more directed towards the girls)...

Well, as it turns out, for whatever reason, (maybe I know which), things... "ended"... sort of abruptly...


I'm not sure if you can tell by the cover, or the references, what it was all about, there were references to her being "monkeygirl", (I won't say on what domain she had email), and... the "sleepless" title was sort of a mock of "Sleepless in Seattle",(which... I sort of thought was kind of cute), but... switched to toms river in new jersey where she was living at the time.

Well, she got the cd, as well as a few others I offered to burn for her,(and... she was really excited about it, and really did like it), but... the whole thing went nowhere and quickly fizzled as easily as it had gotten started. I guess I just got ahead of myself.

As for the scenery of this cover, well... on... the so-called "second date", I went by her down south jersey and we headed towards the seaside heights boardwalk... it was actually kind of nice.

c'est la vie...
Track Listing:
1 just like heaven - the cure 11 superstar - sonic youth
2 new york city
- they might be giants
12 london rain (nothing heals me like you do)
- heather nova
3 kiss - prince 13 all I want is you - u2
4 you took the words right out of my mouth - meatloaf 14 fade into you - mazzy star
5 in your eyes - peter gabriel 15 #1 crush - garbage
6 new sensation - inxs 16 lovefool - the cardigans
7 beyond the sea - bobby darin 17 two hearts - chris isaak
8 everlong - foo fighters * 18 cosmic girl - jamiroquai
9 temptation - new order * 19 I want your (hands on me)
- sinead o'connor
10 I drove all night - cyndi lauper * 20 eep opp ork ah-ah (means I love you) - violent femmes
  * - bonus tracks not available on cd

© 2002 g.hernandez