it's still rock 'n roll to me...

This is an interesting story.

My brother sort of asked me to make a mix of songs for his kids, in fear that they were falling into the "boy band bubble gum pop" music culture. In any case, I had to come up with a quick rescue mission, and it also had to be tailored for kids, so... had to decide on a quick few interesting songs that would "hopefully" turn them off stuff like "backstreet boys" and "nsync" and stuff like that.

I think in some way, I know I wanted to pick a song that would sort of emphasize what the cd was about, or... give it some sort of spirit, so... in this case, even if it might have been the weakest song on the album, I chose "it's still rock 'n roll to me", by billy joel, because... I just thought it sort of gave it a hint about what music "should" be about.

Fortunately, it had worked, the cd was a success, with a cool variety of tunes that my nephews really got a kick out of and in some cases, learned the words to a few of them. I had heard on occasion from my brother, that the oldest nephew would sometimes dance to "jungle boogie", which... I was quite amused to hear. For the most part, they have been listening to it until the youngest finally got his hands on the cd and got it all fingerprinted and dirtied up and scratched and whatnot...

Not to fear, I recently did make a new copy for them, and they'll be rocking and rolling, splishing and a splashing, to some pretty o.k. tunes. Once again, "rock" music rules... !

Thank you, Satan... ! (kidding)...
Track Listing:
1 go speed racer go - sponge 14 spiderman - the ramones
2 stand - r.e.m. 15 it's still rock 'n roll to me...
- billy joel
3 ob-la-di, ob-la-da
- the beatles
16 I fought the law - the clash
4 build me up buttercup
- the goops
17 angel of harlem - u2
5 I feel good - james brown 18 ugly - fishbone
6 particle man
- they might be giants
19 stay up late - talking heads
7 lump
- presidents of the u.s.a.
20 surf wax america - weezer
8 wonderwall - oasis   21 jump in the line
- harry belafonte
9 give it away
- red hot chili peppers
  22 I love rock 'n roll - joan jett
10 big time - peter gabriel * 23 radio radio - elvis costello
11 pink houses
- john mellencamp
* 24 run-around - blues traveler
12 jungle boogie
- kool & the gang
* 25 big me - foo fighters
13 fly - sugar ray      
  * - bonus tracks not available on cd

© 2002 g.hernandez