So... my brother nags and nags me about making some cool mix for him, (or... was it that maybe I did it voluntarily...?)...

So, this was around the time "after" the movie "The Perfect Storm" had come out, and sort of prior to them showing it on cable and whatnot, but... my brother happens to be the big "provider" type, "hunter/fisherman/handyman/etc. etc. etc."... so... I thought it'd be cool to make him a mix of some slightly "harder" stuff than what I made for my nephews, something that, I was also going to have a copy of, so... I was going to have to like it as well... (duh...)...

Uhmmmm... for the most part, as I had done with the previous cd, I wanted to make the title of it the same as one of the songs listed on the cd, and... either because the "wording" pertained or not, I chose "swallowed" by bush.

Overall, I think it turned out to be pretty cool, he was happy to get it, and... yeah, it was a pretty rockin' mix of songs... hey, I was happy with it, and... isn't that what's most important... ?

Well, I'm glad all these projects worked out as well as they did, I'm looking to "possibly" make a few more, but... have to see what my schedule is and whatnot, being that I have so many other things in mind that I'm looking to do.

Track Listing:
1 loser - beck 13 unglued
- stone temple pilots
2 higher ground
- red hot chili peppers
14 are you gonna go my way
- lenny kravitz
3 should I stay or should I go
- the clash
15 love removal machine
- the cult
4 victrola - veruca salt 16 song #2 - blur
5 crush with eyeliner - r.e.m. 17 semi-charmed life
- third eye blind
6 breakout - foo fighters 18 peaches
- presidents of the u.s.a.
7 setting sun
- chemical brothers
19 hunter - bjork
8 swallowed - bush   20 cruel to be kind - spacehog
9 pepper - butthole surfers * 21 supervixen - garbage
10 when I come around
- green day
* 22 mysterious ways - u2
11 corduroy - pearl jam * 23 santa monica - everclear
12 bad reputation - joan jett * 24 sabotage - beastie boys
  * - bonus tracks not available on cd

© 2002 g.hernandez