If you ever plan on drinking,
be sure to not invite any art friends over...

all jokes aside, I had a barbecue the weekend after 4th of july and invited a bunch of friends over. for those who made it, I think it was a fun time, I was a bit to busy tending to the cooking and making sure everything was going well.

by nightfall, some of us were winding down a bit or at least getting a bit more relaxed. that's when I was egged on to bring out "the box" to show it to everyone present. this is actually the first time the finished "box" has gone "outside" my house to public view.

the following pictures are from that night...

me in the yard (still me) still in the yard

after I stopped hogging it, other people decided to try it on for size and found it quite amusing as well, (I think the alcohol helped). they were obviously all good sports about it. at this point, I decided to grab the camera after my friend's wife decided she wanted to walk down the street while wearing the box and take photos out front of the cheezy go-go bar just down the street from me.

I thought the pictures looked great, despite the missing red mesh that should cover any view of the person inside the box looking out, but despite that, it's still a hoot... !

down the street "on location" photo shoot scott thriving with passion
I don't believe this will be the last time the box will make a public appearance, I've been wanting to do so for SO long. and not just on halloween walking around town and stuff, I've been wanting to take it out when people least expect it. walk around the park and stuff near 2 major streets and get someone to film or take pictures of people's reactions as they drive by.

I'm hoping there'll be more occasions to take the box out publicly for other people who might want to walk around in it and get their picture taken. after all, I already got a place to post 'em...

"hey mister, got a light... ?"    

© 2002 g.hernandez