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   What can I say? I love Elvis, and between him and Meatloaf, you're rock 'n roll, baby.
   This was supposed to be one of those projects that was a result of a group effort. I guess the idea was at a point in my job at the time, there were people who were leaving the area and as a way to keep in touch, we'd all collaborate on this fanzine, (also another way just to waste time). In the end, it was my time that was wasted. There was very little contribution and no enthusiasm. It was supposed to contain all the vital sections necessary for any fanzine like fan mail, music review, short stories, and some drawings. It's a total surprised to me the project never went through...
   Here you can see a picture of it's debut cover which never made it to newstands. A proud moment for the Nixon, to be able to meet the king.

   Well, it's a shot of the back cover. Not very exciting, but to be honest, neither was the fanzine. I guess it was a work in progress which didn't see much of it. Here on the right, is the contents page. With a wonderful photo of the king reaching out to the people. As far as contents pages go, I looked around at some other fanzines to see what their contents list was, well, it was mostly crap as well. I'm not sure what the point of this thing was to be honest with you.

   Food for thought was nothing more than hypothetical questions. For a while I had a good couple of them. Somehow I've forgotten them and moved onto more important stupidities. I have to admit, I don't recall the cartoon background on this left shot, I think it's Tex Avery, and let me tell you how hysterical is it ?    O.K., I should give credit where credit is due. First, to me. The page on the left was the first page of the short stories section. The first story there is a short story I wrote many years ago. On that second page, you'll see a poem that was written by my friend, Steve. And to no surprise, the background image for that page was an illustration by Edward Gorey done for a story he did called, "The Disrespectful Summons".

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