Links found below are those which should be worth your time to check out. For the most part, I hope them to be "personal" links of various people's artwork and such, but for the most part, sites that I feel good about endorsing, no matter what it is. You won't find links to my favorite band, or a link to amazon or barnes & noble here, just honest to goodness "wholesome" sites with decent services or decent people. Enjoy... 

  Site Name:   The
  Brief Description:   Scott has a great site which shows many of his hidden talents that you wouldn't know from looking at him. (that's a compliment). An immense variety of work, including photographs, drawings and paintings, as well as experimental and fun html stuff, too. He's a big fan of abstract art, and really knows his modern day artists as well as many many others. (kicks my ass in that dept., as a matter of fact). His site is definitely an eye-opening experience and you'll find yourself visiting again and again. Definitely a worthy site.


  Site Name:   Face It ! Studios
  Brief Description:   Jared's site has a great variety of services that he does for specialty events, requests, parties, etc. He's so successful at it, he's manage to make it work for him and keep him busy since when we both attended art school together. He's got plenty of specialty services he offers and a great talent like him will definitely not let you down. Be sure to check his site out and get in touch with him to be the solution to any of your creative problems.


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