I hate you


Same as the "evil bagel men", this design was inspired by the same girlfriend. I think in the same sort of sappiness where people get all cute and say "I love you", we used to say "I hate you" to each other. I wound up getting the idea to do this tshirt, and had her just doodle the sketch for it on paper, and even used her handwriting and had the arrow going through the heart crooked on purpose. The timing for this design was just perfect, I only printed 2, one for each of us, and... even had it ready to give to her for valentine's day.

In the end, she broke up with me not once, but twice, all because she liked some other guy at school who she originally denied liking at all. Does this mean I hate her... ? I don't know... I can't hate anyone...

© 2002 g.hernandez