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     My goodness... it seems like forever since I've worked on any tshirt. I think the last shirt I did was back around '93 sometime. For what they were worth, I did have a lot of fun with them, and did wind up printing up to 16 different designs.
     evil clothes for evil people, the company name I chose to represent these tshirts worked out pretty good for a while. The name was catchy, and a lot of people took a liking for it, interestingly enough, there wasn't anything ever "evil" about the shirts, they were just... fun, I guess.
      It's been a long way from beginning to end as far as the ideas and designs that came back and forth for these, I can't say that all these were successful, and... that there were some others I did want to try and put together as well, including a promotional tshirt for the site with the "hermanisnotdead.com" logo. (anything in hopes of getting more people interested in coming here.)...

      In any case, here they are, the full line of evil clothes for evil people tshirts, in some cases, there were any from 3 to 30 shirts printed on some of them, in rare cases, only 1 printed of any particular design. As for the where a lot of these are now, well... I can't really say. Through the course of about the 4 years that I was actively printing, I've sold tshirts to various people, guessing that by this point, they're probably washing their cars with them. As for the ones I have left, a few of them are still in my hands, and others... well, I think in some half awake dream state, agreed to let my folks bring them to south america and give them away to relatives. Somewhere in chile, there's people wearing evil clothes for evil people tshirts, probably an "evil bagel men" design and completely not knowing what it all means. oh well...
      Uhmmmm... for those of you who are curious about how I got into silkscreening, or... some of the materials and techniques used, well... here's your chance. I put together a pdf file on the manual I used, that completely helped me a lot on learning the basics, and... that's all you really need. Just ask anyone of the few people I invited over to show them how to silkscreen.

      Update ! 10.31.07 - You can currently go to evil clothes for evil people.com and purchase a few select designs currently on sale ! If there's a specific drawing relative to this site that you'd like to purchase on a t-shirt, send me an email.

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silkscreen instructions pdf

evil clothes for evil people

  misunderstood naughty kitties evil bagel men hip (definition)  

  umbrella fear I hate you cat in the hat  

  no postage necessary naughty spank me credit or exchange  

  it could happen to you after that moment I'm going to eat you the dog chased the cat  

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