to credit or exchange this garment
it must be returned within 30 days
accompanied by the original
sales receipt


Alright, remember the "hip" tshirt, where it was a dictionary definition... ? Well, this idea was as far out there as that one was.

I thought the joke would be printing on a tshirt what would normally be on the price tag or receipt. Silly, huh... ? Yeah, well... there might be a reason why I only printed one, and... also the fact that it was the last tshirt completed to date, and not even printed fully (it has no sleeve design on it right now), and... hasn't even been worn once.

For what I think about the time and supplies I put into doing tshirts sometimes, you think it pays off in the end, if you're doing them for yourself, or... a limited amount for friends or for sale, and... there have been times where I've wanted to get back into it and do some more designs, I just don't want this one to be my last.

© 2002 g.hernandez