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wild west monkey

      You ever wonder what Curious George would be like if he was in the west ? Bad example.
      Here's a story where some of the characters developed kind of nicely. They were actually pretty fun and I guess that you could probably do an entire cast of town characters with different animals sort of like Richard Scarry and his stories. Only thing, I have no story behind it. Once again, only a few of the sketches are shown here, although most of them are of the courageous superhero, the monkey sheriff.
      I figured he'd probably draw a banana gun or a cork gun just because I could imagine what kind of trouble I could get into with depicting guns in a children's story. ugh...the agony.
      I know I also have a few slight different variations of the monkey sherriff, in this drawing, he's a little overwelming and powerful looking whereas I was looking more for a short funny looking monkey who plays the sherriff and everyone else is bigger than him.
      And of course, you can't have a sheriff without a deputy. Trusty sidekick to the monkey sheriff, this cat's got nine lives to spare, (o.k., I'll admit, that was really corny).
      Now every so often, you have to have a shootout. I don't think I've even thought of this one, but no one ever dies in children's books that I can recall, except for Edward Gorey's, I guess. Besides, the main character doesn't die in the story so whatever scene this drawing might be for, be assured, it's merely a flesh wound.
      As far as other characters besides the deputy, I guess you'll need some kind of town mayor who's kind of dorky looking and obviously can't deal with hooligans himself. You should see of the bad guys I've drawn for these. The bandidos include a bear, an alligator ? , and a platypus (who actually went bad because he was misunderstood). I think after a while, you tend to stretch and dig for animals that might actually kind of work in this sort of setting.
      And as far as happy endings, there always is one next to a setting sun where the monkey sheriff just sits around has a couple of bananas and sits back and relaxes.

© 2002 g.hernandez