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the restaurant story

      I think this story actually started out with a title more than anything else, I just can't tell you what it is because if I did, then I'd have to kill you. But it had a lot to do with wordplay and again the name, nickname of a small boy. At the time, it was about my first nephew which was the name of the main character in this story. But the rest of the story is of course ficticious.
      So anyways, the story goes something like there's this rich little boy who would often go to his favorite restaurant and order just about everything on the menu. I guess more than anything, that's why I described him as being rich, that and the fact that he goes to this place on his own and he's probably only about 5 years old. So the rest of the story is this waiter bringing out all this stuff for the kid and the kid eats everything.
      Once again, there was no full story to this, it was completely silly and had no lesson or moral value, (which is still o.k.). And then at the end, he tips the waiter and that's when you kind of get the punchline of the 32 page joke.
      Now this story pretty much never made it anywhere other than these quick sketches here. Either because of the mailman story being in production, (uh...yeah), or some other reason, I never worked on any finishes for this story. Just a lot of sketches (not all of them), of the kid giving the waiter his order and the waiter bringing all the stuff out.
      You've got to understand that throughout the story, this kid just sitting there ordering food just can't be that interesting. The story lacked some substance or backbone just to make it seem complete and make it whole.
      And then that is when it finally hit me. Granted the kid is in a fancy restaurant, I'll just change the whole premise of what the story is. The punchline will be there at the end, but now, it's not just a story about a kid ordering everything on the menu at a restaurant. Now it's a story about nutrition.
      Good, huh? Yeah, I surprised myself with that one. I just have to do some reading up on it now so I get the details right. But one of the important lines after being asked by the waiter what he wants, the kid replies, "Listen here", said ______, "I am a growing boy and I need my nutrition." (What a snob, right ?)

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