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another christmas story ?

      Now there's just something about winter and snow that just makes me love the season. Usually, I get a lot out of it, although this last one was kind of a bummer. There are parts of winter I love like the feeling of dressing up in layer after layer and still freezing your ass off. Maybe that's why sometimes I love to draw winter scenes, people with hats and scarves and gloves and all that stuff. anyways...
      With that in mind, I always thought it would be pretty cool to do a christmas story. I mean sure, the traditional stuff is always fun, but how far away can you actually stray from that and still keep it christmas ? I think Tim Burton knows.
      I always thought santa was kind of an obsessive guy, every year he just has to go out and deliver all these presents. I don't know, sometimes I think he's got somekind of psychological problem. But in any case, where did santa get all the funds to be able to pull this off after so many years. So I decided to do a story on how a man acquired a bundle of money and with a few other details, became santa claus.
      Who is this marvelous guy ? Here's the punchline; a hell's angel biker. It could work. I really wanted the original person to really have a tough guy image, but be a real sweetheart. I don't know how many christmas cards I've seen with santa wearing sunglasses and making him look all cool and stuff. Sure, I've fallen into that trap as well. Here's what was supposed to be a finished drawing for what was supposed to be the cover. Somehow, I don't like it as much as the original sketch. There are quite a few times when that happens when you miss something from the sketch to the finish. I hate that.
      And this here is what the sketch looked like. If you click it, you'll see a few more. Why didn't I ever continue this story and go ahead with it ? Probably the same as the others. Because I'm a procrastinator. Well, that and also because I didn't think the story was ready. Yeah, I guess I use that excuse for everthing.

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