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a l i e n     a b d u c t i o n
How cool is this. Isn't alien abduction just like the coolest thing since Elvis ?
Well...sure, I guess the anal probing can be kind of a pain in the ass (no pun intended).

    O.K., here's another sad story, for myself, actually. I did a couple of rough thumbnail sketches for this story, and to this day, I can't locate what I did with them. I was only able to pull these few sketches/drawings from other sketchbooks or doodles.
    Well, I'm sure you get the general idea already, but this story aside from the tabloid sensationalism had a message. (oh, how thoughtful). To make a long story short and without divulging all the details, the whole story revolves around a small boy. This boy, to no one's surprise is the unpopular kid in town and in school and has problems making friends but mostly "fitting in". After being abducted by aliens, they teach him a valuable lesson and safely return him home. When he arrives back, the news and everyone else are all over him, hence, making him the popular kid, and no longer "alienated", (no pun intended), from the rest of the townspeople and schoolkids.
    Now, sure, we've all seen aliens, on tv or movies at least, so we all pretty much know what they look like. But I just didn't want to draw them that way. So in short, they're a bit more eccentric looking, I think, and some of them for the most part have oval shaped heads. They fly these crummy looking flying saucers which kind of look straight out of the Jetsons.
    Here was an idea for a potential cover, which although finished, I just didn't like the way it turned out. Not exciting enough, not the right composition and just plain boring. I think I chose to do it because I thought as a cover for what the story was, it would be cool to see the little boy in the saucer and then to actually wonder what the story was about. But still, I just don't like the look of it, and I'm sure I'm going back to rework a new one as well as sketches for the actual story.
    Well, I hate myself for not being able to find all the other drawings I have on this stuff, I recall it being fun and kind of having a similar composition and feel to that first sketch on this page. I know when finished, the story would obviously be successful, and therefore I'd be forced to do a sequel to this story. The premise ? The aliens want to collect information from us so they decide to go shopping. It's the only reason they don't destroy us.

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