mr. s


"romance is dead, long live misery, apathy and despair..."

   Sigfried is the ultimate in the "anti-hero" persona. Poor self image, low self-esteem, an inferiority complex and much regret. He doesn't care to be the best, doesn't strive to be #1, but settles with being second, being the underdog and being true to himself. He is known as the outsider, the one that just "doesn't belong". He's not the most popular guy, but you sympathize with him and you want to see things work out in the end.

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ms. j


"just don't do anything crazy, o.k. ?"

   Sigfried's first love, always hesistant, can't stand being away from him, but kills her to see his trouble. She is completely responsible, and knows the consequences of her actions as well as everyone else's. She has suffered pain in the past from other relationships and has put her hope into Sigfried, that he is the one for her.

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mr. o


"and then one day I realized my mission, I would sacrifice myself to Christ."

   Oliver has lived a trifled past. He is definitely a product of his society. Orphaned at a very early age, he didn't have many options growing up. He was once a troubled soul until he "found" Christ. He works hard to get on the road to recovery by assisting Sigfried with his tough times.

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ms. w


"misery loves company, doesn't it ?"

   Very weary, often tired, semi-optimistic. Wendy lives her life exactly as she sees fit, she doesn't take any crap from anyone. She is a risk taker and lives with little regard for consequences. She is careful, intelligent and knows how to handle people. Very independent and knows enough to not get hurt. She's a big girl, a real tough cookie but knows how to have fun. She also owns her own art gallery in which she displays nothing else but my work. On her free time, when she's not having a drink at the cafe', she does some of her own stuff.

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mr. c


"where the white women at ?"

   Charlie is a musician who works at the local cafe'. He gets around on his own and is generally a well liked guy and a decent human being. Usually packed with energy, he is known to be the life of the party and has a good sense of humor. Aside from that, I don't think there is much more to say about Charlie, he is one of the newer characters and is still under some development. uh...yeah.

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