storyline & facts

     Well, I wish this could be somewhat more interesting. I think it kind of developed into it, but it didn't start that way at all. Up to this day, most of the final drawings and script to this story are all done in sketchbooks. It was never meant to be anything big, as a matter of fact, aside from a few sketches that came out of nowhere, it was supposed to be just a measly little story to "fill up" a sketchbook with the goal of finishing the story on the last page. No editing, no ripping out pages, had to fit just fine.
      What happened when I finished that sketchbook ? I really liked the story, and I had to find a way of continuing it from where the supposed end was. Those drawings and first half were done in a sketchbook titled "Book I". Book I's problem was that everything was very crudely drawn for the most part and even the storytelling was incredibly bad. There were a lot of jumps in the story where it was hard to figure out how you got from point a to point b, and you had to go into the depth of it, and aside from that, there were parts of the story that just made no sense, (aside from the normal relative stuff which isn't supposed to make any sense at all).
      "Book II", done in yet another sketchbook, was a new beginning and was a lot more thorough. More characters came into play and a much more involved story developed worthy of crediting my name to. I think it got a little more in depth to a certain "tone" and "feel" that the story followed. Many of the drawings aren't even finished. Some of the thumbnails detail a direction in which it is currently going, but there is indeed no end to the story since ideas and scenarios are drawn and sketched out to what's supposed to happen next. Yep, there is a "Book III" that already have some pencil sketches, believe it or not. The title for this story I had decided would be "nothing there", I really do believe in this story, as well as many other ideas and am hesitant about displaying, showing, printing, uploading any of it. I assure you, the title is relative to the story, and I think adds the right punch. As far as the character names, c'mon, you really think everyone in the story is referred to "mr." or "ms." ? Sorry, I'm just too afraid, I can't say what they really are. Call me paranoid.
      So what's the story about ? Well, I guess you can say it's definitely fiction, and it's got kind of a fantasy element to it. I guess through surroundings and people and art scenes, punk scenes, goth scenes going around, a lot of it sinks in. You may not dress the part, but it definitely is part of you, no matter how big or small.
      The story starts out originally with a normal character, who undergoes some sort of Frankenstein-esque experiment and is then transformed into a deeper, darker self, almost somewhat of a vampire. (Told you the story sucked in the beginning). Believe me when I tell you, drawings for this character came out of exactly nowhere. Started out with some doodles, made it into one of my "bible sketchbooks", and kind of stuck around and just developed.
      Anyways, he winds up getting together with one of the female characters in the story and they are happy together until discovered once again by the same scientist who put the curse on our beloved protagonist. There's an unsuccessful suicide attempt,(unsuccessful because I liked the character and wanted to continue with the story), and in Book II, loses his love interest, tries to "become one" with who he is and take everything as it comes, or something like that. Has someone looking out for him, and re-examining his situation, or something like that. I don't know. Like I said, I can't exactly explain it, but it does get pretty involved and intertwined with stories and characters and subplots. Oh yeah, and there's also that "Wizard of Oz" element,(no, not munchkins) where the story shifts from color to black & white to color and back & forth, just to determine current day with happier times, and flashbacks and so forth. Most of the story is black & white and tones of grey with highlights or tints on certain objects and such.
      But in any case, there it goes. I think that's all I can say about it without giving it all away or getting it ripped off or anything. Find it in your local bookstore some day when I'm about 50 and acheive cult status for putting this out, (almost like my hero, Edward Gorey).

© 2002 g.hernandez