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   O.K., so by now, you've probably realized that I draw this character a lot. As a matter of fact you're probably sick of seeing his ugly face, but if you've been through the rest of the site, you've also realized he's not the only thing I draw when I have a pen or pencil in my hand. Just about all of the drawings on this page are directly from the sketchbook. Some of them are originals which at that point were done in ink and markers in Book I, or ink, markers and colored pencils which were part of Book II. And then again, a few of these were scanned in and colored in "digitally" through the magic of computers. Like the two you see to your left and right. These particular drawings? I think they took place during that dream sequence that the main character goes through at some point of the story. Yeah, something like that.

   Let's see. The first drawing on the left here, you'll also see in the "character profiles" section, only difference is this one is marker and that one was computer generated. This one is also in black & white, and you don't get to see the red highlight on the wrist from the suicide attempt. The drawing in the middle was also computer generated, if you can't figure out from the surroundings, it's a church scene. The drawing on the right is originally from the sketchbook, Book I, done in markers and ink.

   Here is a perfect example of two different parts in the story which are still in sketch form, (pencil). Yeah, time and other projects got the best of me here and certain sections of this have not been completed. You can even see the spiral rings on the left side of the sketchbook. Ummm...the picture on the left is kind of a flashback, mr. O's lament, a background of how he got to where he is, while the picture on the right shows a bird's eye view shot of the church scene.

   More marker and ink work. The first picture on the left, well, I think that's kind of a reflection page. When you look at yourself day in and day out and decide whether you like yourself or not. The drawing in the middle ? That's a good one. I can't locate the original for this drawing, I only have photocopies. My guess, is someone I was acquainted with at some point asked me to do a drawing for them in their sketchbook, and like a fool, I did this drawing. I guess I made the photocopies because I really did like the way it came out, I only regret having someone out there floating this thing around someplace. damn. Third drawing, well, that's just a hospital visit. Nothing much to say about that one I guess.

   Now, when I land all this money for putting this story together and then Hollywood picks it up and wants to make a movie about it, that's when I'll cash in. Then I'm opening up a bar/cafe' of my own, which is the one in the story. The front entrance is supposed to have the sign (on the left), hanging. It's got text, and a name of course, but once again, I'm paranoid. It's titled, "broken hearts' cafe' ". But in any case, this is the cafe' that the characters go visit in the story which becomes a local hangout. As for the drawing on the right, well, it's that ugly scary pathetic looking guy again.

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