it could happen to you


There was a while where I was fooling around with ideas and sketching, just random stuff, concentrating on images, composition, stuff like that. I think it was around the same time I was heavily getting into pastels and doing looking at some of my art with a different view.

From some of those sketches came out these really rough ideas, in a real "sketchy" form and also with a caption which, in some cases made some sense, but... in others was just as confusing or intriguing as what the image was.

This design I think was kind of like... a warning, maybe like, be careful with electricity or something, with the "it could happen to you", but... I never really thought of it that way. Pretty much my idea of it was, the electrical plug and the outlet, the outlet was getting "plugged" or "screwed", and maybe it was more that take on it... "getting screwed", and... how "it could happen to you". Maybe that was it, or... maybe it was deeper than that, I don't know.

Available in the same "howard johnson's" colors you see on the left, or also a green apple wall with navy blue floor. How exciting.

There were some designs that I thought were still good and fun and would of loved to have done them, but... being limited on the printing, I pretty much decided on doing an initial 3 designs, then did a final fourth which was the"dog chased the cat" tshirt. Of the initial 3 designs, I printed 5 of each, (not including the one for myself), managed to sell them all even though it took me a few years, originally sold them for $20 and in the end, like... 5 years later got rid of the last few I had for maybe $10 each.

© 2002 g.hernandez