yep, submit your fan pics here.

Submit to me.

So this March will mark 3 years that Herman is Not has been online. I was hoping that with some anticipation I could ask loyal fans to send in "fan signs" as a decent gesture to show their long-time support of visiting this site time and time again. Photos would then be posted in an online gallery for all to see and enjoy.

Fan photos could include a sign of some sort with some slogan or relative comment about the Herman is Not site, make sure you are also visible in the picture and feel free to be silly or do whatever your sweet little heart desires.

Examples of acceptable slogans or comments:

  1.   Herman sucks.
  2.   This site blows chunks.
  3.   I want to have your baby.
  4.   Give me some love, you sexy thing.
  5.   You're not funny, you talk too much and your artwork is dated.
Be creative, do whatever you want in the shot, it's up to you.

As an added bonus, all submissions that accompany a fan photo offering support will be included in a drawing for a chance to receive a 4cd set of "great love songs", (what could have been and should have been the last giveaway prize featured on this site months ago). Only one lucky visitor will receive this bonus for their submission.

Deadline will be Sunday, February 23, 2003, the lucky fan will be announced on March 1st.

*This contest is no longer in effect. Sadly, NO prize is being awarded. *sigh*...

To everyone who's been good enough to visit, and those nice enough to show their support and compliments in emails and the guestbook, thank you.

  Please attach your photos in jpg or gif format to your email. Be reasonable on file size and be sure photos are clear and that you and your fan sign are also "visible". Also understand that photos will be posted online through this site.

Thank you.
      Send all emails and fan pics to:



© 2003 g.hernandez