after doing the carpe vaginam label, I had a bit of a hard time figuring what I was going to do with the other two. I had a certain idea for the background color, but at first had it as straight color and it just didn't do anything for me.

after including a better tonal quality to what seemed to be "landscape", it all fell into place. even with a little bit of dead space, I found things to throw in, like just above the upc code here, throwing in my favorite three tombstones.

I just couldn't resist this one. it was either going to be a can of spam, or the vienna sausages... and somehow, I just thought the sausages made more sense. I could easily have left it with just the 2 cans but the perverse once again got hold of me and I wanted to throw in this small punchline. no matter how hard I wash, I just can't get the dirt off me.
obviously meant as a joke, I still want to apologize to those who don't find the humor in this. somehow, maybe it connects to the "carpe vaginam" idea. the original sketch actually had her gripping a sausage in her hand which in fear of poor taste, (hee hee hee), I decided to take out. suddenly, I wouldn't mind seeing this on tshirts if I actually did have some sort of meat packing industry.

which actually makes me wonder. if I printed some bogus "herman's vienna sausages" tshirts with such a drawing, would anyone be interested in buying... ?

© 2002 g.hernandez