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      You know, I was telling a friend about my site and also about this section. He mentioned it would probably take me no time at all to complete, to which I responded, "are you kidding, all I ever do is draw myself". Then he looked at me and replied, "how very pompous of you, you egotistical bastard".
      But I thought that's what every real artist did. Do self-portraits over and over and over, and I guess that's what this is here. Any time I have a pen in my hand and no thought in my head (happens quite often), aside from doing the usual doodles, I'll wind up drawing myself. I've gotten really good at it, too. In some of these images, I didn't bother cleaning up any of the surrounding background to the drawings so you could see what it was in relation to, what it was done on, etc. You might even notice a napkin quilt print on one of them.
      Some of these drawings date back as far as freshman year college, ('88-'89), up to around november of last year, '99. They come from napkins, envelopes, sketchbooks, the back of bank statements and just about anything I can get my hands on. Usually done in ballpoint pen, they also vary in rollerball, pencil and in once case, pastel.
      I'll give a few words about some of these here quickly. First on the left, was a drawing I did for my very first home page which I'm too embarassed to give you the address. It's one of those automatic template things on lycos. Very limited and it really sucks. The drawing in the center was done on a page I had written down my contents list, I think it might have been the last portrait I did. And the drawing on the right is one of the sketches done for the starting home page.
      I had a job a few years ago, it was claims processing. Lots and lots of typing. Some people there were real bastards about pushing us. I think this drawing on the left depicts those days. Every so often, I get in touch with my only friend I still talk to from art school. He calls me up for caricature jobs, which even though at first I didn't accept, wound up doing a good couple of jobs with him. Different style from what I like to do, I don't think I'm even good at it, but I could pass. The center drawing here shows a self-portrait from that. The one on the right was supposed to be the cover of a calendar I wanted to work on that included a bunch of my drawings. This one was supposed to be on the cover and it was going to be titled, "Committed: 12-14 months with Herman".
      Here is one that I am particularly proud of. It's done in pastels and charcoal, and it was one of my first pastel drawings that I think really connected somehow. It was actually done for an "Originality" class, so I did have free reign. I did wind up doing a lot of pastel work during that time with this same kind of tone. It is also one of those drawings I know I've recycled a few times and used for other things.
      From here on, I don't think there's really much to say about the other drawings, so I'm shutting up my endless babble. I think these were really the pick of the litter. I can't say exactly why I picked these or this many even, but for some reason or other they stuck out in my mind. (You should've seen the ones I didn't pick).

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