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      The only oil painting I've ever done was while I was in art school. It was nice, still lives, nude models, but boy did I suck. I think the first two years were pretty much complete wastes and it wasn't until my sophomore year of illustration, (3rd year of school) where I kind of began to get a hint of what to do. Even then, most of the paintings weren't even that well defined, looking as if they haven't been finished and somewhat out of focus. This particular one on the left called my attention for some reason. I don't know if it was the color or the position, it just reminds me of the mermaid from "White Rock" soda. (strange, isn't it ?)
     I do remember on some occasions what some of these models looked like. I don't know exactly what I did on these first two, (left and center), by cutting off their heads in the paintings. Either I judged the space wrong on my canvas or I was probably just concentrating on something else...but in any case I do remember some of them being really cute and sometimes very erotic. It was pretty cool in school and the models were most of the time pretty alright. On your own, it's a lot tougher to find someone who is willing to pose for you for a drawing whether it's dressed or nude.

* note: any girls who might want me to do a nude drawing of them like when Leonardo Dicaprio drew Kate Winslet in "Titanic",send me an email me, (maybe your naked picture will be found underwater some day ! )
      I believe this was the first year when stuff really started to come together as far as painting. I think I might of gained a little more enthusiasm at this point, but I wasn't doing any of my other work in oils and therefore was convinced I'd never really use them on my own. I liked some of the stuff I was doing, but nothing that was necessarily outstanding in my opinion that called attention more than anything else I was doing at the time.

my last year of painting

      My last year of painting, just as everything else, I don't believe was too memorable. I think I pulled probably the better paintings I had, very possible the only stuff I had while throwing out all the other crap. But I did have a pretty cool teacher and he worked in a different way which kind of made it interesting again, even though from the looks of it we concentrated more on portraits.
      Now I'll admit, these two paintings here, I had a little bit of help with. I know I had the basics down on both of them, and then my teacher kind of helped me out in the end with some of the shadows and stuff. If you ask me, the guy on the left turned out looking like Rocky, and the guy on the right kind of looks like an early Steve Van Zant from Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band.
      The reason I never continued with oil painting I believe is because it is such a "fine arts" medium and therefore had little part to do with the stuff I wanted to work on. Granted that pastels can be on that same category, I've always wondered what some of my pastels would look like on huge canvases painted in oils.

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