So... there was once this period when I used to be able to answer my phone at all times. Now, I'm usually online so I think everyone who used to call either calls my cell when I've made my # available to them, or... otherwise, they've just given up.

Don't ask me why, but... I never got into the habit of re-recording over old answering machine tapes, if I was out, I'd buy some new ones, replace the old one, and well... save it for posterity. I think I must have about 7 or 8 tapes that I've held onto which, in some cases, date back to the mid-90's. So... there's been plenty of messages of people I thought were interesting, funny and odd. Messages from people I don't talk to anymore, messages from people who... sort of mark a period in time that involved them and then just... disappeared.

I've started to transfer some of these recordings onto cd. From the first tape recorded, there have been a few unusual but interesting messages. Some, a bit too personal at times where, unfortunately, I'd feel very wrong posting them here. But nonetheless, for what I have found, I am curious as to what is on the other tapes and how interesting those are. The ones posted here for this 1st round unfortunately may not the most "exciting" messages, but for one reason or another, I thought they'd be good for starters.

I'm also looking into if there are any sort of "free voicemail" sites (sort of like the one lycos or excite had at one point), so that maybe, I'd set something up where the public can call and leave a message or say hello. If anyone out there happens to know of any such free service, please drop me a line...

Now enjoy yet another completely useless section on this site... :)


These here are a select few messages left on my machine.
Be sure to come back and look for more... !

(quicktime/mp3 format)...
if you (or someone like you) knows of anyplace that accepts free voicemail, please email me

c'mon... claim your 15 minutes of fame...! email me now... ?

    dad disc 1 track 41
    dad disc 1 track 69

         jared disc 1 track 77
         jared disc 1 track 80
    xgirlfriend disc 1 track 15
    xgirlfriend disc 1 track 35
         xfriend disc 1 track 64
         xfriend disc 1 track 71
    mom disc 1 track 44
    mom disc 1 track 45
         ralph disc 1 track 70
         ralph disc 1 track 85

Important Note: It's true that I haven't exactly acquired "permission" from those people listed here on this page to go ahead and post the messages they have at one time left on my machine. You'd think that because they're on the machine, they are now mine, but... as I said previously, it's kind of wrong for me to put stuff up here without anyone's actual "ok".

By request, I was asked to take down two different people's messages (includes a total of 4 messages). I meant no harm by having those or any of the ones that are still on this page on here. I believed that what was here was in one way or another amusing, and... even if not completely exciting, could have built up to some interesting messages to come.

I still don't have the final "ok" for those messages that are here, nor am I going to go hunt down the people left here whether I do or don't talk to them. I figure if anyone's got a problem with something I have on the site, just email me and I'll consider a change.

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