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tuesday, march 25th, 2003         10:00pm

holy sh*t ! I got a job... !

it's three days away from it being 2 years since I was laid off. I have just under $2000 in my bank account, it's all I have and I was really REALLY running on empty at this point. today, that all changed.

for the past week and a half, I've been freelancing, actual "freelancing", for real. I had gotten a call in late february for an interview to a place in nj that I had emailed my resume to.

on the day of my interview, we were due for somewhat of a blizzard. I headed out while it was starting and and on a main road right in my town wiped out into a 180 degrees turn with oncoming traffic that scared bloody hell out of me. I didn't hit anything, no one was hurt, and after catching my breathe and deciding to move on, I tried again on another street until I got onto the highway. despite the weather, my interview was still on and I made it regardless.

that following monday, I had received a total of 4 calls for potential interviews. I was flooded with opportunities that I had actually even turned one down because of other prospects that were just more lucrative and beneficial. one of those calls was for another freelance project which may still work out.

so after the past week and a half of freelancing at this location, they made me an offer that I was quite happy to accept. whether is buttering me up or just plain b.s., I was told I do good work, they liked how I was progressing, what I had to show and they liked my talent and skill ability. they like my personality and being local to the job, (app. 30 min. commute), it all worked in my favor. one big plus, and this isn't the first time, they enjoyed my website and because of it were also led to bring me in for the interview. some nice things were said about me to the president of the company including that I was a "creative thinker" and had a different way of problem solving and such. it was all so pretty I nearly blushed.


I cannot say how excited I am right now. I REALLY needed this. after giving up time and time again, and then kept going despite many people's advice, I once again succeeded and got myself a job in MY field and on MY own merit. you cannot imagine how good that feels.

and who am I there... ? well, if you ask me, sometimes titles don't really mean much. when I was working in lyndhurst, I was a "new media designer", which seems a bit glorified but hey, I did more than just web stuff. as for this new place, I was told that they're bringing me in as an "associate director", and despite that I don't care too much about it, I have to admit that does sound pretty cool. it would be nice to get that "associate" out of there eventually by working my way up.

my life has changed greatly in the past few months. despite losing quite a few friends during the past year, I managed to pull through what would have been a very hard time for me as well as a rough winter. I'm quite grateful for my girlfriend for keeping my spirits and enthusiasm up as well as sticking with me when most people didn't. I'm really happy with her, there's never a dull moment and we both have a lot of fun together. every once in a while, maybe we get a slight disagreement on something as any couple would, but for the most part everything is going great.

I was getting quite frustrated a few days ago, realizing that despite how much I swear by my mac that I bought in 1995, (that's right, still works), and kept current and up to date and is still quite functional, yet how limited I am. I started having a bit of car trouble as well on my 93 geo prizm that I've owned myself for 8 years but has a total of 10. as for the car, I already spent a pretty penny on it getting some costly repairs done but it should be good for a while now. I'm hoping that with this new job, it could be quite possible that by the end of the year I'll be looking into getting something better. you have no idea how I'm itchin' to get a new mac, too. a nice quicksilver powermac desktop would be nice, but... wouldn't a powerbook laptop be sweet, too... ? ah... and there's always the ipod.

grrrrrr. stop spending money in my head. must save for apartment and better life. but... it would be nice to indulge just a little on something I "need", isn't it... ? bleh. must go out and play lottery. go. do it NOW. damn. too late, must go tomorrow.

ANYways. aside from everything that has been going on, I can now rest from working on my resume and sending them out and stuff. thank God that headache is over. as of lately, I've been doing some fun doodling and artwork, working on some ideas for maybe some powerpoint stories I can maybe put online for download, and also trying to come up with a new layout and look for the site. haven't gotten much of a chance to work on my flash movies but I'm getting a better hang of it again while at work so maybe I'll have a better flow and be more motivated.

so. that's about it for now. I have been busy and am trying to work on stuff, so please be patient, I really want to have fresh new stuff for all of you to see but that also means I have to spend a little time away from this computer too so that I can also have time to be creative.

for everyone's interests, compliments and support, thanks.




We need an update! What has happened since March 2003?! Is Herman dead?



Hope the job worked out. Tis been a long time, since we spoke, but my computer wiped out, it seems, and for some reason your websites on my recent list. (It also has all of the settings of back then...this just happend this time I rebooted.)
Anyway, I hope all is well,



yay for you...! SO happy for ya, kid...we should do a happy-dance, and maybe if you can take the time off anytime, return to manchester with your girlfriend for a weekend, show her the beauty of the town...wishing i had a car and could work there for the summer...anyway, you is rocking...!





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