How can you call it art when it keeps time... ?

Here you can find what are currently the 12 available clock designs available for sale. As it seems so far, clocks are selling for $48 + 3.95 shipping, (that's for US shipping) $51.95 total. If you get one directly from me, or happen to live near the area of Hawthorne, NJ and can meet somewhere local where I can just hand it over, you'd save yourself the shipping costs, $48 even. Whoop-di-do.

Believe me, even though more convenient to put these clocks together than the ones I used to do back in '95, they still are a lot of work, and for the costs of materials for each, the price is reasonable, but yet, I'm not making a crazy profit on these, believe me. With that said, it's quite a possibility that these might turn into a "limited edition" sort of thing, especially due to public response and the positive or negative response to their sale. If it turns out that they cost me more to make than what I can charge for them, (or what people are willing to pay), this can be only a passing fad. So get yours while it's hot. Why am I doing these if it seems to be so intricate and involved and I may not reap the rewards for what I truly deserve for these... ? Eh... perhaps it's for recognition...

1. "nothing there"   2. carpe vaginam   3. voodoo-licious   4. trash
5. reflection   6. lost   7. peepshow   8. slave
9. obsession   10. classroom   11. frogs   12. visitation

  As for now, before I manage to get something with paypal setup, if there is anyone interested who might want to purchase one of these timepieces, the best way would be to get in touch with me first, via email, there's a link a the top right of every one of these pages and you can enquire with further questions or ask for a particular clock. As of current, there is 1 of each of these 12 designs currently available, and if need be, I can put one together within a week.

Please be sure to email me first, since I won't be working on any further clocks unless I've received payment. If paypal and shipping stuff doesn't work out, perhaps I'll try my luck on the streets of nyc. Perhaps find myself a spot in front of one of the museums.

Just as the previous clocks made long ago, these also have the artist name and month/year stamp burned into the back of the clock. Facing the wall, it is out of the way and not noticeable nor does it distract attention from the clock itself.  

requires 1 AA battery
(not included)
   All clocks have been tested to ensure they are in proper working condition, and short of a battery, there should be nothing wrong with them. Clocks are sold or shipped in a perfect size white box, makes a perfect gift for anyone, (if you can avoid the mailing labels and the "fragile" sticker).

© 2003 g.hernandez