Number of entries for the 1st giveaway mug : 9
Number of entries for the 2nd giveaway cds: 9
Number of entries for the 3rd giveaway clock: 52
Number of entries for the 4th (and last) giveaway "snack-pack": 227

Where did 227 entries come from and how many of them signed the guestbook, participated in the caption game, or asked about buying a clock... ? Well, that's not important for now, but this current giveaway brought as many as 50 - 60 entries in one day, others trailing in as much as 10 -20 a day and all over from the U.S. of A. Many thanks to all who participated.

I wish everyone could be winners, with this many entries, I feel horrible how many people aren't getting a prize. I'm sorry, I just can't afford it.

My sincerest apologies, (to those people who count) about this section not running any further. Originally seeming like a good idea, after 1 year of running it and 4 prizes later, I just feel I could use time wisely for other creative purposes than just updating this section every 3 months and putting something together to give away each time.

Giveaway #1 - "herman is not" coffee mug
Real people won on herman is not, just ask Jessi Heverin of Arkville, NY. Jessi was the winner for the 1st tri-monthly giveaway and was quite surprised of winning such a prize.

Now she's the happy owner of a herman is not coffee mug, (AND, was also kind enough to take a picture and allow me to post it here).
Jessi very wired on coffee
yet happy with her mug.
Giveaway #2 - 3cd set of "songs to kill yourself to" volumes

Terry Romero of Brooklyn, NY was the winner for the 2nd tri-monthly giveaway and was excited to win the prize claiming in her email, "I'm flabberghasted! I've never won anything in my life!"

Terry stopped by the site and entered for the giveaway and her amazing luck won her this great prize. She was also a good sport in sending me a picture of herself with her prize just to prove to YOU that people really did win on this site.

Terry very "happy" with
her depressing 3cd set.
Giveaway #3 - "clock" of your choice
Winning the clock of their choice was Beth Mullen of Philadelphia, PA.

Interesting thing happened with this shipment, after about 3 weeks of tracking mail and relaying messages back and forth and believing that the clock mailed to Beth was lost and forgotten, it had turned up at her local post office after some faulty and not so reliable mail service. Beth is now quite happy with her clock prize, she also claims her cat likes it, too.
the lucky winner who will be
able to tell time in style.
Giveaway #4 - herman is not - "snack-pack"
October 28th prize winner just announced... !

227 entries later, the lucky winner for the "snack-pack" is Scott Riether of Lambertville, NJ.

Scott will be notified via email today about his luck, he will have 1 week's time to respond and confirm his mail address. "If" Scott does not respond within the 1 week allotted time, a re-drawing will be done of all original entries and a new winner will be selected. I hope it doesn't get to that.

Congratulations, Scott... !
nutrition will be important
to this lucky winner.

Good things come to people who visit herman is not

© 2002 g.hernandez