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what endless babble.com was and what it could be...

Aside from talking everyone's eyes out on this here site and giving the most in-depth descriptions for every little detail on these pages, there actually is a domain name that I own, and it is called "endless babble.com".

The intention was, to build a community where artists and writers could come together to collaborate and submit both art and stories/poetry, etc. That perhaps someone would find a short story or poetry that had been submitted, like it enough to contact the writer by email, and then perhaps submit artwork to that particular writing. And the same as for people submitting artwork, and writers looking through the gallery of names would perhaps pick someone that they would be interested in illustrating their short story perhaps, and then post the whole thing on the site as well. Named "endless babble" because I thought it'd be a worthy title for such stories that might not be very conventional or make too much sense. (but hey, there would be "some" restrictions, my plans are still kind of raw and not as thoroughly planned as I'd like).

The benefit of this plan would be that some stories or art that would never actually make it to a publishing company because it would be either considered "not worthy" of printing or perhaps not up to the "standards" of the publishing world... (hey, they might just think your writing or art sucks and give you the "we'll be in touch" routine... which I've heard myself a few times), would actually find an audience online that would want to read and see such illustrations along with it.

Anyways...just an idea...

Artists and writers building a community online, publishing stories and art on the web without any boundaries, without any restrictions, not being edited or shot down but accessible and viewable by the public at large. A community by the people for the people, and the only criticisms are by it's peers, but at least it's there for people to view and grow and learn and be exposed to raw talent, whether it is writing or illustration, instead of it dying in some notebook or sketchbook in your drawer, closet or basement. A valid idea just to get YOUR work "seen".

Either because of lacking of time or many other things to do, (as well as no expressed interest from anyone else at the moment), this project is almost... dead. It could still be resucitated by the right energy again, I do happen to know a few fellow artist friends, and... every so often run into people online who happen to write.

If ANYONE happens to be interested in this idea, whether you're an artist yourself, or you happen to write... if you might want me to read one of your stories/poetry/etc. and perhaps do some sort of drawing for it, (at least for a kick start, as something to display online and maybe get the project rolling and enthusiasm of others up)... please please PLEASE
email me. I would be very interested in getting in touch with you for the possibility of collaborating on a project together. :)

any takers... ? hooray... !

© 2003 g.hernandez