more stupidity ?

      I don't always understand how some people have a total disregard for authority. I don't always understand when people resort to extreme measures for causes they believe in. I guess it's got a lot to do with dedication and what you believe, sometimes whether right or wrong. What's interesting to see though, is the risk-takers. The people who've got plenty to lose in a bad situation and yet are willing to suffer the consequences.
      You ever see that anti-drug commercial where they always describe what your brain looks like on drugs? I always wondered if that's what you saw when you looked up their nostrils. I actually made a song about it to the tune of Living Colour's, "Cult of Personality", where they start out with the line, "look in my eyes, what do you see?". Of course my version is, "look up my nostrils, what do you see ?", answer: an egg on a frying pan ? ...yeah, I thought it was pretty stupid, too.
      Some things I just can't explain. I'm not exactly sure where my head is, but I guess I just get into this mode of drawing people with physical deformities and all kind of weird stuff. Sometimes they're pretty well thought out, and I could almost put a story behind it. Other times, like this one, I'll admit, I'll gross myself out. (And that's a pretty crappy drawing, too.)
      I'm not sure where the fascination with ducks came about. I guess there's just something about going to a park and tossing bread at them. I know I've got a bunch of drawings with ducks, I think I even wrote a short story for a children's book idea involving a duck. But in any case, they're kind of interesting and fun to draw, no matter what the situation.

(now that's a mighty big fish)

halloween costumes ?

      Isn't halloween the greatest holiday ever ? I just love all the scary stuff with ghouls and goblins and skeletons and spider, oh my ! I think I could probably come up with some pretty cool halloween costume ideas. Like some real "reject" ideas that got a makeover and are still considered "reject". But that's what makes them so great. Sure, there's always the traditional way to go, and look "cute" in some kind of furry outfit or something, but who can be scary in that kind of costume ?
      It would be just perfect if you had a great skeleton costume, but some of those just aren't always believable, although it doesn't have to be. Otherwise, what do you dress up as ? Now, I'll confess, I saw this one video by the band Garbage, called "I'm only happy when it rains". It's the coolest video and they show these little kids wearing these like homemade costumes and stuff. One that I particularly liked was this kind of devil-looking kid, and that's where this drawing came from.
      You have to admit, homemade costumes are so much better than those you'd buy in a store. They're much more creative, and you'll never show up to a party wearing the same thing as other people. I think the last few times I dressed up for halloween, I was a priest one year, a "dork" another, and the last time I think an F.B.I. agent. Don't know why they wound up being those. Another sad thing is, I don't think I've ever been to a real halloween party. (sigh.)
      Well, I don't know if it was exactly halloween or what that just made me love drawing skeletons and skulls and spiders and all that spook stuff. I think that there's just a certain beauty about looking at some of those things and how they can be drawn.

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