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Please note, people with heart conditions, pregnant women, children and those likely to faint, exit now!
(just kidding). However, this section might be "slightly" more twisted than the rest of this site. Images shown here were taken from various sketchbooks which in some cases weren't drawn with the idea that any one would see them, therefore not caring for what kind of negative reaction they may bring. They're might also be some personal information or deep psychosis that comes out of this section, so beware. Don't get me wrong, they're not drawings on killing babies or anything, but you just might lose respect for me.
And with that said...hook, line... and sinker.

stick figures ?

      You know, there's so much that you can do with stick figures. Aside from your basic pictionary parties. Don't get me wrong, I love Pictionary, but no matter how quick or good you can be with a pencil still depends on who your team-mate is. I think there have been a few times when I've done a story or two using nothing but stick figures. I guess you have to be kind of creative for that, actually.

      Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against overweight people, and I understand that it is also a sickness for those who consider themselves constantly overweight. I don't know, I guess sometimes I might even feel that way, but never to the extreme of wanting to throw up my lunch. I can't say exactly where "Anorhexic Man", came from, maybe it was just the idea that he was a stick figure ?
      I mean...sure, everyone suffers from self-esteem every so often, some more than others. And there always is that kind of "acceptance" that we all look for, that we want to belong. We all want to look beautiful, but sometimes you get tired of it. You'd rather just try to be yourself, after all, looks aren't important. Aren't they ?
      Maybe if we all just had the necessary discipline to get our psychological selves into place, we'd all be a lot better at accepting ourselves for who we are. A friend of mine, used to say sometimes, "you got to love yourself, first". (Does masturbation count ?)
      Here's an idea for a rock band. Obviously just a joke. Somehow I came up with the name from a Bruce Springsteen sticker while I was at a job. I was chopping up the letters in Bruce's name to spell out a new name and make a new sticker out of it, and I came up with "Sunburn Princess". I think it was a good premise.

oddities, deformities & handicaps ?

      You ever have that day, where nothing's going right, you're so fed up with everything and you've got a monster headache ? Ever wonder if it was just a headache ? Sure, there are times when we all feel as healthy as we'd like to be. There are times I'm convinced I have a tumor. Not because of killer headaches or anything, just is my fate. Destiny has decided it to be so. Well...not really, although I don't think inhaling all these fumes and dust from art materials have necessarily helped me any. Sure, I guess life can be kind of tragic that way.
      And that's when you start to look at real tragedy. I remember as a kid, always thinking how cool it would be if I had a broken arm or a broken leg, so I'd get special attention. I think of it now, and I think I'd be devastated if I had a broken arm. I wouldn't be able to do what I love most. Draw. That's what tragedy really is. Like a one armed guy from New York City who can't pack his own snowballs to throw at subway trains. Or the guy who lost his hand in a woodchipper, because you wouldn't know if by looking at him, but he'll never perfect his left-hand calligraphy skills and have those invitations done in time.
      That's what tragedy's all about, Charlie Brown. I guess you could look at it as the person who has the knowledge, the skill, but is stuck someplace where they can't do what they love. This drawing on the right, the guy could be a musical genius. But you'll never hear him again, because he's got no hands. Real tragedy.

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