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    First of all, I always try and do a good job at keeping all of my work original. If you're work is not original, your work is shit. Sorry, that's just the way I see it. There are a select couple of times I might stray from this idea and pull something off like this, otherwise, I don't bother doing it.
   And with this in mind, let me tell you about my clocks. I bought a woodburning tool set that I thought would be fun to use. It was actually kind of a pain in the ass, and as a matter of fact, I didn't use it the way I was supposed to. Instead, I would dig into the wood and burn my design into it, creating outlines, rather than doing some kind of design on top and keeping a "natural wood" feel.
   Here is the first design I worked on, and of all four clocks I did, the only one I still have in my possession. Done originally as practice, I decided to make my first clock a design of Felix the cat for a girlfriend I had at the time that loved Felix. Unfortunately, the relationship ended before the clock was complete, and the girl never got to even see it. Hence, why I'm still holding onto it today, and why even though I've sold the other three, could never get around to parting with this one, even though it's not an original design and means nothing to me.
    The second design, a drawing recycled over and over (you'll probably see it many times through this site), was a piece done originally in pastels. You can't imagine the work I've put into each one of these. It can be so tedious to get everything to look just the way you want. On this one, Even though the background on the clock was white, it kept yellowing with the polyurethane. I think I even fixed this image up in photoshop so it wouldn't look yellow. I don't know how many times I worked on this with paint and varnish to the point I just couldn't stand it. It sucks being anal-retentive.
    Another pastel drawing converted to clock design, I just thought the theme of colors going here was pretty expressive. Even if it was only red, grey, black and white. In any case, I think that I was working on these during some holiday season and I luckily had people who wanted to buy them. I did get good money for them, although I should have gotten more for the amount of work and time I put into each one of these. The previous clock as well as this one were both bought from a friend of mine, Scott, who had mentioned one of them was for a gift and another was for him. Well alright.
   This last one, well, I guess I just decided to go all out on colors. I really liked the idea of the pond with frogs sitting around and one of them caught in a tea cup, (another drawing recycled from somewhere else that I did and prostituted throughout this site). My friend, Steve who is as fond of frogs and nature as he is of tea, wound up buying this clock. Hey, to each his own, I just create the stuff.

And with all that in mind, after those four clocks that I worked on laboriously for so long, I felt burnt out, (no pun intended). I decided to wait and search or develop a new way of making clocks without woodburning and using a variety of designs with much higher detail as well quality and doesn't consume me on time. I've actually developed another way of working on the clocks that is more time efficient and could work out a lot better, but put the idea aside now for more important projects.

7 years later...
Updated !

So it stood that the last time I had done clocks was in 1995. Until now. Seven years later, I finally got myself back on track to it again, and figured out a good way of reproducing designs, but still involving a lot of work. For the designs that followed during this early winter of 2002, I developed a total of 12 designs, some of which are re-makes of the clocks featured here, and other designs which were picked out from the pastel section or ideas that had spawned from different parts of this site.

Please forgive if the description and layout of the following designs are laid out in such a way in hopes of generating interest and possible sales. I'm not going to lie, yes, it'd be nice to make a few bucks off of these if there are legitimate and genuine interests, and note when I say "a few bucks", I'm not being humble, but really mean it. Due to time invested and materials purchased, I'm limited to what I can call a "profit" because I can't charge a ridiculous amount for these clocks, otherwise no one would buy them. In any case, I hope they please and excite everyone to see them, and... given the hard work, maybe you'll want to pick one up off me.

So... without further delay, please click any of the obvious links set here...
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